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Goddess and God Contest Winner: Goast

September 14, 2021

The ancient Gods (such as the Greek Gods) got together before they passed to create new gods to continue their legacy. The first god was the God of History. Ares, the God of War, had other ideas. His son, Charles was chosen to be the God of History. Ares made his son not only the god of history but the next god of war. Even though it was a blatant power grab, Ares argued that his son should be the God of History since he believed that only descendants of the gods rather than those that are not from them (I.e. someone who was not a child of the gods) could be eligible to become a god. Ares argued constantly to the other gods, stalling for his son to grow. By the time Charles turned 20, he was already too powerful and legitimate for the gods to do anything about it. The god of History and War was the son of Ares. Charles could've said he didn’t want to become that god but seeing what power he had, he wanted to become it. He usually spends most of his time at his home/lab/library in a remote area of Switzerland. Only the most respected of people are allowed in his presence but even then his temper can easily get the better of him. He may be a god but he is still young. He’s been getting better at it but it’s still a problem.

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Goddess and God Contest

August 11, 2021

Come up with your own original Goddess or God Character. The best original piece will be promoted on the Community website. 
Requirements: *Have Fun!!! *Be as creative as you like *Use whatever medium fits you *Come up with your own original character. (No using Goddess or Gods that already exist). *Due Date: September 7th, 2021 (Date Extended September 14th, 2021)