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About Me

Maki B.

Being a child growing up in a busy city like Los Angeles, California, learning wasn't easy for me, and being different was stamped on me from day one. Like any other kid, I was playful and silly, spending time with other kids and relatives. However, much of my time was exclusively watching cartoons or watching my mom draw and cook. My curiosity was much like the little kid in the cartoon show 'Animaniacs' named Mindy. I was always asking the question 'Why?'  Doing my best as a child to understand everything around me.

By the time I got into the 5th grade, I had drawn out my first drawing of a clown. My entire class and teacher were shocked the first time I could remember getting acknowledgment for something I created. For years I copied art from the LA Times Comic section of Garfield, Oldie, Disney characters from Disney, and Scooby-Doo from Cartoon Network. 

As time went on, my love for art grew fondly for cartoons, 2D animations, and 3D. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Multi-Media Art and Animation, with a few years in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. 

After graduating college, I took a needed break from art. I had a deep desire to learn about money and business and drove headfirst into other ventures. 

In 2020 the year of the great pandemic. Art called me back and into a whole new realm and mindset of building an art community. 

Presently, I stream my art on Twitch and share my art process live for my community. I have built a growing community through awareness about one's own mental, physical, and emotional health and my patron site KO-FI, Freelancing, and creating content for my YouTube Channel. Inspire others to step outside one's comfort zone and start what they fear. 

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The Lovelies

The Lovelies Community is an online community that focuses on self-growth, and mental health and you called it Art! A group of individuals from all walks of life and around the world coming together to build a better self one step at a time. With the amazing help and support from our lovely mascot Amare. 
Check out the Lovelies Community Tab below to learn more.  

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