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Art Challenges

Want to put your hand to the metal? Well more like to the pencil lol. This is a great start to not only connect with the community but connect with the artist within. There we will be posted Art challenges for you to try in your own time.

Amare Expression Linework_5_colored Cookie.png
Art Challenges: Press

Let's Get Started

Rough Sketches

Sketch It Out

The rougher the better

You know when you have an idea and you just can't seem to get it out of your head? Well, maybe it is time to pull out that pencil, pen, marker, or whatever drawing tool you got and place it on a piece of paper. The more we are able to get out of our heads and place actions on something that we desire the better. Take 2 mins today and sketch out whatever comes to your mind. Take a look at it either before you go to sleep or the next morning. You will be surprised or not by what comes to you with this sketch. It might be your next masterpiece.

Art Challenges: Projects
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